About Our Classes...

Garland & Pearce offer a range of fantastic classes, currently from age four and above. We are a member of 'bbodance' (information further down this page).

This allows us to teach a recognised syllabus, as well as our own, specially designed free-work, enabling us to develop versatile, skilled and passionate performers. 

Genres we teach...

Ballet Pic.png


Possibly the most beautiful of the arts, Ballet is the basic foundation of any form of dance. This is the genre where you will learn the correct posture, technique, flexibility, strength and stamina required for other styles. Above all, Ballet is an exquisite and thoughroughly enjoyable dance style for which the passion will stay with you forever!

Tap pic.png


Tap is the totally addictive style of dance where you really can lose yourself in the rhythm. There is something unbelievably satisfying about hearing the results of your progress in the beats you sound out!! 

Come and experience the enjoyment of tap and you’ll soon be ‘shuffling’ and ‘tap-stepping’ everywhere you go!!  

Street pic.png


Wish you could be in a pop video??

If you fancy yourself as a member of Littlemix or part of Diversity, Street is the genre for you!!

Perfect for both boys and girls, this cool, edgy dance style will leave you hooked!

Jazz pic.png


Jazz is the classic dance style that is oozing with poise and precision, yet modern and creative at the same time. The freedom of this genre allows you to get lost in dance, music and expression, and produce limitlessly stunning pieces to astound audiences and realise your love for dance!

MT pic.png

Musical Theatre

Transport yourself into a West End musical every week with our fun-packed workshop-style class!!

This genre covers dance, singing and acting as well as confidence building, theatrical technique and sheer enjoyment!!




Garland & Pearce School of Dance & Performing Arts is a registered school of bbodance.

bbodance, formerly known as the British Ballet Organisation, is an international awarding organisation, delivering a world-renowned training and qualification programme. Being a member of this prestigious group allows us to teach their globally-recognised syllabus and enter our students for examinations.

We also offer...

mini pic.jpg

Mini Movers

Specially designed for children of ages 4-6, this popular introductory dance class is bursting with energy and explores various different genres, with dance-based games, great music and lots of fun!


Just Dance

(Adult Class)

‘Just Dance’ is our recently-launched, mixed-genre dance class for all you grown-ups who wish to get together, have fun, keep fit or simply lose yourself for 45 minutes of the week!

We learn the fundamentals of general dance whilst trying out various different styles 

to fantastic music!